The Foundation Stone

Recently I had a dream of being with a class and all the students in the class received a staff it was given to each of us horizontally. As the student came out to a field with the staff and touched the ground with it insects attacked the staff and ate it. As I received mine and walked outside with it still being horizontal in my hands I saw that all the students had let the staff touch the ground but I decided to put mine on my shoulders where my arms was hanging from it being across my neck. The teacher came out with the last student and looked around all but my staff was gone. Then the teacher addressed me to do some work their where two small houses that was filled with old stuff in it and I had to clear it out. He showed me a stone square long stick like post and I was told to look in the small house. In the house would be a square stone brown and small but it had the face of the sun carved on the stone. As I started to empty the first house full of junk it was not in it. Then my eye had a focal ability to look into the next house and I was able to see the foundation stone.

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