The Light Inside

As we get ready for the transition to the higher dimension their will be some changes to the light inside of you both to your spirit and body. The spirit you will receive added light to your spirit with that light comes information. The information will be of your past life and the things you have done in other lifetimes. This is added now as the both spirit and physical is about to enter a higher vibration and your mind will understand more complexities of the physical. The physical will all so be exposed to more light in an electrical way as it is a force of the physical. You might experience it from the sun or other sources like crystals. The bio-electrical of the sunlight intensity will morph over your mind and body as it does you will feel the electrical change and if it is to much just ask spirit to help you deal with the changes. The electrical force for each dimension vibrates at a different frequency. So it is natural for you to experience the higher vibrations and electrical frequency to connect to the earth that is moving to a higher dimension as preparation for the transition. Much Love to All

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