The Population Will Transitions As Well

  • As the time for the transition draws closer to happen we will experience two earths. The energy between them will be demonstrated in the changes to the plates of both dimensions of the planet like new volcanoes, land appearing where there was none ect happening. There will also be a difference in the population like a division. This is where you will experience the changes and others you know don’t feel or know what you are saying about this energetic change. It is felt by others who are going through the same changes. The population will transitions as well many will be lead to new places as this happens so when the time comes the groups of people will be in a places they need to be. Do the best that you can and ask spirit for help they are here to help All. Much Love To All

  • Charles Edward Brandenburg Then we will remain appart forever.
  • Greenleafseer Forever come on we are all spirit and can visit each other.
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