The Repairs to Stabilize the Earth

  • I had a dream of leaving and separating from the planet. The last thing I saw was a tornado hitting a Costco parking lot with a lots of people it caused much damage and deaths. The two things I am trying to accomplish is to stabilize the earth for 3d we repaired the earth’s crust from ripping apart that work is finished. The second is to activate enough of the pyramids so it can help stabilize the environment of the planet. The system of pyramids are offline at this time . When I stopped handling the controls you all saw the changes it is not suppose to be that way the parameters are not working properly. The custodian have been working non-stop to help the environment this is not good at all. We are at an emergency state just like you are experiencing now that we got a break. Now you need to let your governments know they have to stop bombing the planet and be a part of the repairs. The reptilians and allies have to release the information so people can learn how to repair the pyramids.

  • Susan Johnson The volcanism is indicative of the planets shift to next D’ and subsequent stabilization. I just hope those criminal jihadists(ISIS) don’t decide to bom b the pyramids or:”we’ll” have to vaporize them, or the planet will be in perile and all our work would be futile. Why don’t the hackers do the starwars defense lasers up the extremeists asses??
  • Greenleafseer I know the volcanism is because of the shift it also will be in the 4d as well I was not talking about that part I was talking about the big hole in the atmosphere that is causing the unstable weather patterns and the bombing of the planet that they are still doing. Also Susan you promised to behave.
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