The Spirit of Joan of Arc

I was in a past life on this planet as Joan of Arc the person that I was. I have all ways been a Guardian for the Source. In many of my past lives I have been a leader of the people one of the old leadership here on this planet. Where I was also a builder of pyramids throughout my life times I have done a lot of work on the planet.

The work that I will talk about now is who I was as Joan of Arc. Before I had been for a long time a Commander of Guardians and was sent in to do work as one. My heart has all ways love to take care of the people. During this time I was being lead spiritually to do those things that I had to do. I struggle with hurting others even if they have to be remove physically. Even as a Guardian the things I have to do gives me no joy to release those who will not listen to spirit. But I do what is called upon me from the Source.

So when the call came for the change to happen on earth again I answered the call even at personal cost to myself. I am here again talking with those who are not listening. Please listen to spirit for I am a messenger of the Source. Their is a way this all can be done and I will not have to enact what I have done in the past. Many changes are to happen and I will be patient with all involved in the transition, Please hear my heart to you. I am speaking from the love that was given to me as I stood in the presence of the Source. The message that was given to me is very clear ” God Loves All and has Prepared a Place for All “.

Now I am The Dimensional Keeper and here to heal the planet. Please let the people live the time will be short for all. Stop your plans to hurt them and let the people live the time they have left before what will happen naturally as the planet moves to a higher dimension. The planet will have a time a great destruction on it. Your plans are useless in that you are trying to save your selves. Don’t you see many are aware of spirit and will force you to change what you have planned.

I want you to understand many are here spiritually to help the people many angels until the time comes for the people to leave. If you persist in killing the people with your plans lets just say the guardians will not just stand by and you will experience them. You are not able to stand before the angels of the Source. If you want to test me I am here you can as to what I am saying I expect nothing less. Please hear my heart talking to you so that all can be together.

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