The Vatican starts War for the End Time Events

So here it is people the Vatican who controls the military of the planet. I am sure they where not happy about the heavenly souls being here to make change where they are removed them from power they hold on to it so hard that any one who rise up against them gets killed. So let me say Israel you should put your guard up. The army that is being assemble right now is for you after they finish with ISIS. You should be in a state of war that army will come to you the world will ask the Vatican why and they will respond but it will be to late because every thing they are doing will be in place. The United States will be attacked as well the military who know will leave the ranks. When you see those who jump ship they know some thing. So all those who see the events unfolding should get yourselves together because I will not go out without a fight. People are going to have to choose who you serve those who have served the Vatican and in a country that is going to be attacked know they will not save you. You was used by them to accomplish their goals and you should know if your choice to defend your country that is good enough for those around you. Many where used to do many terrible things now turn around and help defend those you love. Last the media should ask Pope Francis if he served as the Black Pope you can take it from their.

I am going to show my self to the Military on Oct 31, 2015 at Washington D. C. by that time you all will have a clue.

Joan (Messenger)

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