This is a Tale of the 5th Dimensional Earth

This is dedicated to all the Castine Beings. Anunnaki : Reptilians, Serpentine and other Beings.

What I know from spirit of Earth and story behind what is happening. The progression of spirit is that just like school. You move from grade to a higher grade as you learn. In the lower dimensions the physical bodies of the beings that was created . Each being have a quality to their being and a place for the whole as a universe. There was a problem that needed a solution so a solution was presented and decided on. Those souls that go above the 5th dimension need a body that is less dense and move to more of spirit usage and less predator like. How to help those to crossover in a body that they would be happy in. So a call went out to all that would help them to make the transition.

Earth responded and would let them use the planet so that a race be created for the spirit of the Castine Beings can inhabit for the crossover from the 5th to the 6th dimension and higher. The hybrid beings agreed upon by the higher ups in spirit. Earth had to be moved to a lower dimension for this to happen. They dimensionally move the Earth from the 5th to the 4th then to the 3rd dimension and they where given a specific time for the beings to grow. So as humanity grew and changed Earth was under quarantine. The souls that came in for the changes had information blocked until the time came for the quarantine to be over.

Now that time has come many have returned to Earth to move 5th and out to the 6th with those who are ready to move higher dimensionally. We will be moving soon and I am happy to be a part of this work. To move into a future that will be amazing and the work for others to follow as they grow in spirit.

Joan                                (Mother Nature, Guardian, Dimensional Keeper)

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