Three Days of Darkness

Hi to All I want to make you aware of an event that is soon to be upon us. I have seen in my dreams the disasters that are coming to the planet it will be fully in the forth dimension at the end of this period. Many changes will happen during this period from now to 2016. I want to make you aware of it coming so I asked Queen Tiye to allow me to put up the information that she received.

Any information you require from Queen Tiye’s article please message to her site see the link below.

” Beautiful Soul of oneness, 2013 being positive, is keeping a positive focus on self and your love ones – listen out for the inner voice of the journey ahead.

For one cannot stop the atrocities which is ahead of us We will have much more disasters than ever before more floods, hurricanes, volcanoes, fires, plane crashes wars, fires, unlawful killing, and earthquakes, which as already began and will continue to happen around the globe, but even with that we must never give up, never show fear, just rise above the true spirit of self, Just Be.

We should have no Fear of tomorrow, for we have seen yesterday and we love today. Let us Gain strength, courage, and confidence in every experience and permit fear to pass us by. So for each and every one of us it’s a superb map for it creates awareness and self-confidence in self where fear will have no room. We are evolving to higher heights and we all must prepare ourselves to attune to the higher vibrations, where fear does – not belong.

Life is love, enjoy it! Don’t be trapped by dogma – listen to the opinions of your inner voice, your own personal internal Guru. Within each and every one of us there is a power – force within – compact with knowledge and wisdom, just waiting to be claimed – unlock it; only you have the combination for the internal you. Many changes are happening, Stop believing and start knowing.

The important factor here is to change ones self, from one world age to another, for humans who choose to remain asleep you will not be able to evolve – the earth will reverse itself between 2012 – 2016 within that time frame, more catastrophes will continue, human kind who are asleep will not be able to evolve to the original and natural state of consciousness.

If you decide to continue living within the energetic area of the knew time space, using your three dimensional abilities your three dimensional consciousness will not be able to angle the higher energies, because you will be in the incorrect time zone.

The earth is beginning to purge itself and we must be prepared without fear to climb into the time space with ease. we are descending to ascend to higher heights, our consciousness will change to a higher awareness; our brain chemistry will change in the sense where you will feel like your brain is rewired. Visions will be more opened and apparent to the masses, you will become much more aware.

A Hugh fire will appear over the ocean, and the sun will disappear for three days due to a large storm, new land will begin to show itself in different parts of the earth, Germany being one to show an island. The return of the nine beings will return and appear to the evolved ones, the chillanbelang will come to pass. In Luxor in an Egyptians city, tombs will be uprooted. Fifth root children are returning to earth to usher the awaken ones into the correct time zones. You will not understand if you are still asleep to the awareness that stands before you.

More and more people are waking up to this reality and the awareness of what faces ahead, and they have began to make the transition or the conscious decision to make changes to fit in with the knew time zone, and many have stepped up from the third dimension already.

Many have activated the third eye; some are using the kundalini for awareness, Whatever method you choose to use, you must wake up, it’s the time to awaken from the sleep of night/day. We must acknowledge that profound change in ourselves. You must begin to go within to see your path ahead, once you are aware you will be free, because all else will fail.”

Queen Tiye…

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