Time Shift comes to a Close and Set


Time shift define : The shifted happened on Nov 29, 2015

Time as in going to the past, present or future and change some thing about an event. The ripple affect can be felt and be seen by those who can see a wall of the veil moving.

Well a time shift is where those of the same timeline move in opposite direction as with what happen recently. Many had notice because they lost two days in the future but I noticed that my time went backwards same timeline different results. Now their are two timelines that will happen.

I had a dream that the train we where waiting for has come in to the station Nov 7 2016. Last Nov 29, 2015 a time shift occurred this shift affected the whole dimension and we were set in to a new time line. Many where called by heaven including those who are in higher dimensions for the changes of this dimension.

This was done because the timeline was contaminated by those who sort to use it for they own will and a decision was made by heaven to change the altered timeline to set a new one.

Many will have new futures and they will leave Earth. There will be others who will leave by space in ships from other planets and cultures. This Earth School will be closing down as the Reptilians didn’t surrender. Due to the choices they have made not to listen to spirit on the changes that needed to happen.

The depopulation of Earth has began animals, humans ext. the births on the planet will lessen. The planet will stop spinning and many changes will happen. I will let you know as I see it happening it is up to you to change.

Joan (Mother Nature, Dimensional Keeper)

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