To All Custodians

This post will be the instructions for all custodians please view often as I will add the information here to know how to help the planet.

Elementals : Those who have skills dealing with the elements both spiritually and physically. (Especially in water). This is the first group of people you need to make a connection with each other to link up. Where every you are on the planet you will handle the area you are in. As to the amount of water that will be flowing through the planet moving and helping the water drain fast is important. Those who deal with earth we need to know the places to help the water to drain as fast as possible. Cities will sink so focus your energies on containment of the waters. As to protect the rest of the places where other cities

Second Group (Cloud bursting): Any one who does cloud bursting their is going to be a lot of tornadoes do the best you can don’t be shy. The planet will develop eddies that will cause tornadoes if you see the dark clouds and it starts to drop you can work on shifting the energy to prevent it from dropping down.

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