Trees are Dying Everywhere

oil reserves
What people don’t know is that those oil reserves are put their by the trees. This is part of the planet systems the trees take the carbon out of the atmosphere and deposit in the Earth. The rate of the trees dying we will have less than 5 years before full collapse of the environmental systems of the planet The trees are dying due to the gamma and x-ray.

Do you think that this atmosphere will be breathable when half the trees are gone well we are about to find out? I am just saying do you think your time here on this planet will be cut shorter and every thing on it will die are you ready to find out people?

The systems of a planet something that Reptilians know and keep secrets about. They have a clue but they wanted us to come. To save you actually it is up to you if you want to be saved. Do you know I am being told to relax to chill about my articles lol.

You can watch the video and see that others have tried to tell us the truth but they change the information. They have done this practice over and over again with all kinds of planet systems. Think about it what a burning question to know why? You know if you are ok with it then that is good you will be ok with what will happen next.

Joan (Mother Nature)

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