We Repaired the Planet’s Crust to a Degree of Stability.

This is the plan for the planet to fix the crust with the help of many custodians we have repaired it to a degree of stability. Many are holding it together as we face changes that will happen. The next phase is to activate the energy net where the pyramids are the back up system for the magnetic field. That I need to get to the pyramids in Alaska so I will go out on a limb to say the weather will stabilize once these are activated. The last part will be the increase spin of the planet as it increase the water will take over more land meaning cities that are near to oceans. Some will go underwater and will have to be abandon as well as more tsunamis will occur during this time. I will be actively looking for ways to drain water to protect the cities that are in the way. As the volcanoes release the pressure that is building because of the increase spin. You can call this a controlled release of the pressure it will change some of the land features. By the end of this process the 3d earth will be repaired.

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