What the scientist don’t know

One of the things that is happening is that the poles are moving 40 miles each year right now. When poles move on other planets it move the whole planet where it is rotated this happens to the Sun every eleven years it happens to Venus as well. In this process sunspot is created with large flares we experience it causes a magnetic disruption that is the radiation we see in the sky. The crust is also affected in that it moves so that the location is opposite to what we were before. So they keep quiet about large events that will affect us all and have debate about things that distract from what is actually happening to us. Fear is used for their agenda to get others to cooperate in things that don’t matter while they make them selves ready for what is happening to this planet. Large corporations forming a large unified group in the U.S. and other countries while all this is kept secret. So they don’t know what is going to happen so let me help them out we will continue to having many changes on our the planet and the major changes will happen sometime between 2025 to 2032. To the scientist it could be both where the poles move and it flips at a certain time.

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